vendredi 22 mars 2013

BerryzTime in France : An open letter to the staff

Dear staff of UP-FRONT,
Dear staff of the Hello! Project,
Dear Tsunku♂,
Dear Berryz工房,

My name is Mika, young man living in France and webmaster of this fansite about NATSUYAKI Miyabi. I would first like to apologize, my japanese is not perfect and the best way for me to talk to you is in english.

In the end of january of this year, a video message from Berryz工房 has been sent to Ami Ami Idol, a show broadcasted on french TV channel Nolife. They wish an happy new year and spread the wish to come and play in France.


We had the chance to saw last year a performance of Buono!, and since few years, we are happy to welcome artists of the Hello! Project and japanese artists in his whole. France has a very strong and authentic love for Japan, for its history, its culture and its heritage.

After this message, I launched a petition, modestly called « BerryzTime in France ». In fact, Berryz工房 did not have an event in Europe or in France, but only on South Korea, USA and recently in Thailand. After one month and few days, this petition reached 1018 signatures. There is 1018 people who want to see in our country a show of Berryz工房 (this figure is rising !).

Of course, it is not possible to make a show in France in five minutes. But this petition is a strong message for UP-FRONT, the Hello! Project, Tsunku and our beloved idols. A message who said : please, studying the opportunity to bring something in France. We are more excited than ever to the idea of ​​welcoming you.

Graphical curve for « BerryzTime in France »
• The petition is available at this link : https://docs.google.com/[...]E6MQ
• The list of signatures is available at this link : https://docs.google.com/[...]ZkE6MQ
I could bring a file with all the signatures (name of each participant), but, for obvious reasons of confidentiality, I can not give you this publicly. If there is a way to send it to you, please, say me how through the "Contact" page by clicking here. Signatures will be send very fast.

I was very proud to the involvement of people who helped me in this project. Thank you to bring every day hapiness for all of us. France will continue to support whole-heartedly UP-FRONT, the Hello! Project, Tsunku♂ and his artists.

Sincerely yours,


Special thanks to @atyby_28 for his graphic curve.